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Five Lesser-Known Curiosities of Paris


Paris, often referred to as the City of Light and Love, is a city rich in history and culture. While everyone knows about iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, there are lesser-known curiosities that make Paris even more captivating. In this article, we will explore five hidden gems of the city that not everyone is familiar with. Five Lesser-Known Curiosities of Paris.

1. The Original Name of Paris

The original name of Paris might surprise you. Before it was called Paris, the city was known as “Lutetia Parisiorum” in Latin. This ancient name dates back to the Roman era when Paris was a small settlement on the banks of the River Seine. The name Lutetia Parisiorum is believed to have been derived from the Celtic word “luto” or “lutevo,” meaning “swamp” or “marsh,” as the city was built on an island in the marshy riverbed.


Today, the original Roman origins of Paris can still be seen in some of its ancient structures and roads that have stood the test of time. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the city’s distant past.

2. Paris, the City of Light

Paris earned the nickname “City of Light” for a fascinating reason. It wasn’t named for its bright lights or the Eiffel Tower’s illumination, but rather for its role as a center of intellectual enlightenment during the 18th century. The city was a hub of learning, philosophy, and ideas, attracting scholars, writers, and philosophers from all over Europe. This intellectual enlightenment earned Paris its moniker, and it’s a heritage that continues to shine through its world-renowned universities and libraries.Paris-earned-the-nickname-City-of-Light

Visitors can explore some of the most notable landmarks of this intellectual era, such as the historic Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots, where literary giants like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir used to gather.

3. The City of Love

Paris is often considered the “City of Love,” but have you ever wondered why? The association with romance comes from its charming streets, picturesque cafes, and the romantic ambiance of the Seine River. Moreover, Paris is home to the famous “love locks” tradition on the Pont des Arts bridge. Couples place padlocks on the bridge and throw the keys into the river as a symbol of their everlasting love. It’s these timeless romantic gestures that make Paris the ultimate destination for lovers.Pont-des-Arts-bridge-wander-trekker

In addition to the love locks, couples can enjoy leisurely walks along the Seine River or take a boat cruise under the city’s numerous romantic bridges, such as Pont Neuf and Pont Alexandre III.

4. The Meaning of the Word ‘Paris’

The name “Paris” is derived from the Celtic that once inhabited the area. The Parisii, a Gallic people, settled in the region around 250 BC. Their settlement eventually became the city we now know as Paris. Interestingly, the name “Paris” is not unique to France; it’s also a common name in various cultures worldwide, further reflecting the city’s influence and significance.

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Exploring the roots of the name, you can discover more about the Gauls and their way of life. While the Parisii are long gone, their name lives on as the heart of modern Paris.

5. Must-Have Delicacy in Paris

While exploring Paris, there’s one thing you absolutely can’t miss: trying a croissant. These buttery, flaky pastries are a quintessential part of French cuisine, and Paris is renowned for producing some of the best croissants in the world. Enjoying a freshly baked croissant in a cozy Parisian café is a delightful experience you won’t forget. Pair it with a café au lait (coffee with milk), and you’ll have a true taste of Paris.French-cuisine-a-croissant-explore-the-Montmartre-district

To fully appreciate this French delicacy, explore the Montmartre district, where you can find charming bakeries and cafes that have been serving croissants for generations.


In conclusion, Paris is a city of endless curiosities waiting to be discovered. From its ancient origins to its romantic traditions, Paris has much more to offer beyond its famous landmarks. Explore charming Paris streets for hidden gems, making the city truly extraordinary. Five Lesser-Known Curiosities of Paris.


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