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About Us


Welcome to Wander Trekker, your ultimate travel companion on journeys to the world’s extraordinary places. We are dedicated to fueling your wanderlust and inspiring endless exploration. Stay with us, and we’ll share more about us.

Our Mission and Values

At Wander Trekker, our mission is to provide captivating guides for each destination, igniting your passion for travel. We believe that each journey expands horizons and deepens understanding, fostering empathy and cultural appreciation. Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our values.

Meet Alberto Castaño

Behind Wander Trekker stands Alberto Castaño, an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience in environmental, scientific, and conservation journalism. Alberto’s extensive travels across various countries and cultures have shaped his unique perspective on the world. He’s a seasoned storyteller who has shared his insights through radio, television, and print media, primarily in Colombia, Canada, and Costa Rica.

A Citizen of the World

Alberto Castaño is not just a journalist; he’s a global citizen who believes in breaking down barriers and borders. Born in Colombia, Alberto’s conviction is that the Earth belongs to all its creatures, not just humans. For over two decades, he has been recognized with numerous awards for his courageous and truthful journalism. His work brings communities closer to information, empowering them to make informed and timely decisions based on real and current events.

Expanding Horizons

Alberto’s extensive travels have expanded his understanding of the world. Beyond being an environmental, science, and conservation journalist, he co-directs www.naturalpress.ca with María Lourdes Zimmermann. Alberto’s passion for sharing the wonders of the world led to the creation of Wander Trekker, where his storytelling talents paint vivid narratives. Great! The revised sentence now includes more transition words and should help improve the SEO and readability of the text. If you have any more requests or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

Our Unique Approach

What sets Wander Trekker apart is Alberto’s remarkable storytelling. He possesses a unique talent for crafting vibrant narratives that not only showcase familiar destinations in a fresh perspective but also unveil concealed treasures awaiting discovery, enticing readers to explore the lesser-known wonders of the world with fresh eyes, thus enhancing their travel experience.

Join Our Travel Community

At Wander Trekker, we offer an endless array of experiences and journeys to nurture your wanderlust. Our belief is that “the best journey is always the next one,” and we invite you to embark on countless adventures with us.

Are you ready to pack your bags and captivate the world’s breathtaking beauty? Join us on this remarkable journey of discovery at Wander Trekker! We’d like you to know about us, but if there’s anything else you’d like to inquire about, please feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to provide further information. The Best Journey Always Is The Next One.


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